The newest of WB America’s products, the WARMATE is a lightweight airframe with the ability to perform various types of missions. WARMATE is currently being used by various NATO and allied armed forces.  Capable of carrying up to 1kg of military grade explosives in a variety of configurations, the WARMATE provides outstanding mission agility at a reasonable price point.  Man portable or integrated into a vehicle with a central control system.


Warmate Datasheet


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The WARMATE is a multi-role loitering munition, capable of a wide range of missions.

  • High Explosive Warhead
  • High Explosive Anti Tank Warhead
  • Thermobaric Warhead
  • Training Warhead

THE WARMATE  can be used as a self-contained man portable system, or installed onto vehicles with an integrated Ground Control Equipment.  The WARMATE  is a great alternative for anti-tank guided missiles with its capability to operate in a significantly larger operating radius, allowing safer detection and observation of the targets over a relatively long time span (up to 45 minutes). Optionally the system can be equipped with a laser-seeking warhead in conjunction with the FLYEYE UAV.

With up to a 1kg warhead the WARMATE  is a low cost, high impact expendable solution. In the observation configurations the UAV can be recovered and reused. The WARMATE  is fully autonomous solution allowing real-time operation of airborne warfare, in conjunction with the video feed received from its surveillance subsystem. The UAV is equipped with control modules ensuring autonomous operation for the majority of flight phases and supporting the operator during targeting. The operator has full control of the arming process.

Additional information

Available Warheads

High Explosive, High Explosive Anti Tank, Training, Thermobaric





Max. Warhead Mass



Electric Motor

Airspeed Range

50km/h – 150 km/h

Operating Ceiling


Flight Endurance

50 Minutes

Data Link Range


Real Time Video


Guidance Method

Fully Autonomous, Semi Autonomous with waypoints

Power Supply

Lithium Polymer

Mission Planning

Pre and In Flight

Launch Method

Pneumatic Catapult